Mobile Applications

Payment – Prepaid Card Reload – Loyalty Points Inquiry – Card Velocity Change – Card Status Change – POS Velocity Change – POS Status Change…

POS / m-POS Applications

Purchase – Cash Advance – Cash Back – Cash Remittance – Quasi Cash – Bills Payment – PIN Change Request – Cut-off…

ATM Applications

Cash Withdrawal – Cash Deposit – Payment – Balance Inquiry – Short Statement Request – Statement Request – PIN Change Request – RIB Request – Checkbook Request – Check Opposition – Check Deposit – Currencies Rates Inquiry – List of Branches – ATMs Localization…

KIOSK Applications

Payment – Balance Inquiry – Short Statement Request – Statement Request – PIN Change Request – RIB Request – Checkbook Request – Check Opposition – Check Deposit – Currencies Rates Inquiry – List of Branches – ATMs Localization…

What do we provide?

Mobile Applications

Multi-OS Mobile Applications for Issuers, Acquirers, Customers, Administrators, Decision Makers…
Typically: M-Banking, M-Payment, Cardholders Mobile Application, Dashboards, Monitoring…
All applications can be deployed in the major market places: App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store…

POS/m-POS Applications

Multi-Vendor POS/m-POS Applications for Acquirers, Retail…
Typically: Payment, Money Transfer, Bills Payment, e-Voucher, e-Topup, Ticketing, Lottery, Distribution of Salaries/Reimbursements…
All POS/m-POS standard protocols are supported: ISO8583, CB2A, SPDH, APACS… All major vendors are supported: Ingenico, Verifone, Spire…

ATM Applications

Multi-Vendor ATM Applications for Banks.
Typically: Monitoring, Optimization of cash distribution, Incidents management, Marketing Compaigns…
All applications are compliants with CEN ISSS/XFS 3.x, EMV and PA-DSS.
Based on Microsoft Windows 7, all major vendors are supported: NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung, Keba, Sigma…

KIOSK Applications

Web based Kiosk Applications for Telcos, Banks, Government Organizations…
Typically: Payment, Enrollment, Document Request, Registration, Ticketing…




If you are a Financial Institution and you want to offer Banking services through different channels, Crafting is just making it easier and integrated. Our Applications support different terminals: Mobile, POS/m-POS, ATM and Kisok. All services are implemented once and are placed in one container: a Middleware; avoiding duplication of work and customizations.


You will enable payment on different terminals and embed your applications with no deployement constraints.


You will be able to launch loyalty programs, enroll new customers, reward loyal customers and animate the existing relatioship with all existing Customers.

Money Tansfer

Money Transfer will never be more easier:
* Cash Transfers,
* Card-2-Cash, Cash-2-Card,
* Mobile-2-Cash, Cash-2-Mobile
* Card-2-Mobile, Mobile-2-Card

Bills Payment

You will allow your Customers to pay all their Bills everywhere and anytime.


Maximize your profit by commercializing e-Vouchers and Topups in your terminals.



All commercial indicators, KPIs, performance, red flags… will just popup in the needed terminal following an event or on request.


Use your terminals to communicate with your Customers: Ads, Marketing, Warnings, Alarms, Fraud…


Secure your transactions by using strong authentication or/and tockenization.


We provide you with a large number of applications

Our Mutli-Vendors Applications portfolio provides embedded terminal applications for: Processing Centers, Banks, Merchants, Post Offices, Money Transfer Institutions, Microfinance and many more…


We help you be Vendor independent

Crafting is allowing you to deploy applications and services on multi-vendors terminals. Whether it is a Mobile, a POS/m-POS, a Kiosk or an ATM, you will be able to select the best terminal with the best price irrespective of applications deployment constraints.

Our Secret

We implement all services on Server Side and keep only the final Kilometer for the Terminal Side.

Server Side
Terminal Side

Now its up to you to decide



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